Subject:Azar Arrives on Hellesport and the Headlines

"Hello and welcome to the Federation News Network. Here are tonight's
headlines: President Azar arrives on Hellesport for an emergency summit with
galactic ambassadors; the Federation Council verifies the legitimacy of the
video showing the execution of the Federation ambassador to the Klingons; and
hundred of Federation citizens flee from the Empire in fear of a looming war.

*the image changes to display President Bejal Azar entering the Federation
embassy on Hellesport surrounded by a security detail of Starfleet Marines.*

"President Azar will, in a few hours, begin talks with the leaders of the Free
Bajoran Government, the Gorn, the Breen, the Tholians, the Coalition and the
Romulan Empire as to how to react to this act of agression by the Klingons.
The President has been rumoured to be planning an alliance to fight a war with
the Empire. Later in the program, we will ask if today could be the day that
the Federation will be locked once more in full on conflict with the Klingons.

"The Federation Council has announced that they have verified that the footage
of the execution of Federation Ambassador Kritesh is genuine. The newly
appointed Senate Majority Leader, Tobin Amdar, said that the execution of the
Ambassador and her Attache's was unforgivable and shall be treated as a
violation of every principle built between the Federation and the Klingons.

*the report then trails off to look at the headlines in more detail*