From:The Q Continuum
Subject:The Klingons Respond

Crimson on sable, the trefoil seal of the Klingon Empire appears, sharp, angular, aggressive. The graphic dissolves to reveal a vast hall, lorded over by a bronze rendering of the same emblem. Massive statues of Klingon warriors stand guard here, their attention focused on the raised, circular stage in the center of the floor. And beyond that, a throne, beneath the great seal, and seated upon it is a man: Chancellor bren'Qa. His contempories, the High Council of the Klingon Empire, are seated around him.

He seems almost bored as the camera closes in on him, cheek resting upon his clenched fist. "To the Federation and its... allies," he says, straightening a little. "This is our response to you." He makes a gesture to someone off camera, and the camera pans around toward them, revealing the Federation ambassador and her attaches, held captive. The Saurian is quite obviously terrified. She begins to plead as their handlers, as one, draw their daggers and, without hesitation, drive them into the hearts of the diplomats and shove them without ceremony to the floor.

The camera shifts focus back to bren'Qa now, as he stands and steps down from the throne. "We. Do. Not. Need. You," he growls. "While the Romulans have fallen back to lick their wounds, while the Federation has squabbled amongst themselves, the Klingon Empire has grown stronger. Expanded. Rebuilt. We do not need your aid. We do not need your commerce. We need you to do but one thing: step aside... or die."

"We are Klingons! There is no hardship that you could levy upon us that we could not survive. No burden that we cannot bear. And, when the Federation has long since collapsed, the Klingon Empire will continue to thrive!" The Chancellor advances on the camera, coming so close that his battle-scarred face fills the entire screen.

"Understand this, President Azar. The Bajoran Republic is no more. The Bajoran government is extinct. Bajor belongs to the Klingon Empire. Now, and forever."

bren'Qa's hand closes around the lens of the camera, and the screen goes black.