Subject:FNN: Gorn Support FGB and Join Embargo

"Hello and welcome to the Federation News Network. The FNN has just heard that Gorn Imperator Ab'z'raz has made his first state visit ever to meet with Breen Domo Brex on the Confederate homeworld to announce that the Hegemony will be joining the embargo on the Klingon Empire, as well as recognising the Free Government of Bajor as the legitimate government of the Bajoran people. He has said though that, while the Hegemony's traders will be able to begin trade with the Free Bajorans, it is unlikely that the Gorn War Corps will be able to aid the Free Militia in the same way that the Federate, Coalition and Confederate forces are currently. Of course, he said, this could change with the Hegemony's circumstances.

"Meanwhile, Federation Vice President Alari Dahm announced before the Senate today a proposal of a treaty that could be signed by the Free Bajorans and their allies. This would formalise the ties between the nations and protect new trade routes by law. She said that the administration is currently in negotiation with potential candidate nations to see exactly what the terms of this alliance should be.

"More as the Bajoran situation unfolds here on the FNN."