Subject:Renewed Klingon Activity

The usual traffic on the Galactic Enquirer is suddenly interrupted.  The usual image fades and is replaced with the logo of the GNN news agency.  Scrolling across the bottom of the logo are the words, "BREAKING NEWS."  The logo fades and is replaced with the image of a man, in a brown suit sitting behind a floating desk.  As the camera follows him, the desk hovers to the left and then turns to face the camera
The man's face lightens up with an artificial smile as he shuffles the datapadds on the desk in front of him. "Greetings Galaxy....this is Bob Brekens with a GNN special report.  As most of you know, a month ago, the Klingon Empire gathered its forces for a blitzkrieg strike into the neutral zone.  The Empire claimed that it was attempting to secure the safety of its homeworld and outer defense posts.  These claims soon came under fire from the other major factions in the Quadrant.  In particular, the Romulan Star Empire threatened war if the Empire did not remove its presence from the neutral zone.  
Bob clears his throat for a moment and then continues," Two weeks ago, in what appeared to be an act of good faith and peace, the Klingon forces withdrew from the planets they had conquered.  In the wake of the withdraw, provisional governments were installed, being that many members of the original governments had met with unfortunate demises.
The smile slowly clears from Bob's face as he says,"Unfortunately, most of those governments have failed to produce stability on the planets that they govern.  Instead, warlords and rogue leaders have taken control of large sections of the planets and several wars have erupted.  
The desk hovers and rotates to the right and a different camera angle is assumed as Bob looks down at another padd which is in his hands.  He looks back up and says,"In more recent news, Tara Eplong is on the scene with a special report from the Klingon Borders."  The wall behind Bob illuminates and soon a view from the inside of a shuttle can be seen.  The camera is directed outside one of the view ports at what seems an empty sector of space.  Suddenly five klingon K'vort class vessels decloak in a pentagon pattern, one at each point of the formation.  The ships turn on their axis and head back towards what appears to be klingon space.  Several seconds later, two klingon transports can be seen intercepting the K'vorts
One of the chairs inside the cockpit turns and a female bajoran comes into view wearing the field uniform of a GNN reporter.  She clears her voice and runs a hand threw her short black hair before beginning. "As most of you can see, interesting developments are occuring all along the klingon border.  In a level of activity not scene since last month's invasion, the imperial defense force of the klingon empire once again appears to be up to something.  Attempts at contacting the klingon empire for official comment have met with beuracratic static
These movements of the ships could be just a series of military exercises.  This is not a uncommon activity for the klingon patrols near the neutral zone.  On the other hand, these ships could mean what they did a month ago: renewed aggression by the klingons into the neutral zone.  Several of the governments of neutral zone worlds which have been ravished by previous klingon attacks have expressed their extreme concern over the movements while several of the worlds currently controlled by klingon friendly forces have praised what they perceive as a return to the empire.
She continues,"Whatever the outcome, GNN will be here to cover it.  This has been Tara Eplong in the Klingon-Romulan Neutral zone.  Back to you Bob."  The images from the wall disappear and the camera refocuses on the male reporter behind the floating desk."Thanks Tara.  Stay tuned for more on GNN."  The cameras fade out and is replaced with the GNN symbol