Subject:UFP, IPC & Breen Threaten KE Boycot

Klingon High Council Chambers, taygoqhor - The chamber that houses the ruling body of the Klingon Empire is filled with the mutters of dissent from the various assembled members from the Great Houses who have gathered to hear what is being said by the speaker at the podium. Only bRen'Qa Qang himself sits silently, his head resting on his fist as the Saurian woman reads from her PADD, trying to remain undetered by the occasionally jeer. With moral support from the surprisingly bulky Tellarite on her right and the looming Breen on her left, the Federation Ambassador to the Klingons musters up the strength to keep her composure solid as she continues to read:

"As a result of this tyrannical oppression, we, the governments of the United Federation of Planets, the Interplanetary Coalition and the Breen Confederacy, hereby issue the following ultimatum:" she pauses to allow the latest raucous to die down (which it doesn't) before continue "If you, the High Council and Qang of the Klingon Empire, do not whole heartedly begin arrangements to /immediately/ allow secession of the Republic of Bajor for your territory... we will be required to..." the Saurian swallows before reading the final words of the announcement "Cease the provision of aid and all other packages of trade with your nation. This was not an action that we wished to have to make but this oppression will not be tolerated. We await your response."

As the Councillors descend into a rowdy debate over what they have just heard (the first direct confrontation to be brought before them in their own chamber), the three diplomats fix their gaze on the Qang, who's posture remains unchanged. As they are escorted from the chamber, a twisted grin is cast over the Klingon's battle scarred face as his fingers rap against the arms of his throne.