From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Man Declares War on Klingon Empire

Earlier today, an unauthorized transmission was broadcast over Hellesport Station's internal news and information network. In the transmission, a man identifying himself as loS, former Qang of the Klingon Empire, seems to be declaring a one-man war on his own people:


"This message is for the Klingon Empire. The last several months have seen the Empire spiraling into decay. You attack and subjugate the weak; you bully civilians and attempt to exert control where you have none. You have forgotten what it means to be warriors. What it means to conduct yourselves with honor. This is my message to you: You are no longer welcome on Hellesport."

"Over the past few weeks I have sent your would-be warriors back to your ships, one by one, broken and bleeding. I shall continue to do so until there are none of you left on this station. Go now. Remove your forces from Hellesport. From the Neutral Zone. Remove them all, or I will remove them for you."

"I am joH of House qItaQ. Da'Har master and your former Qang. For the second time in my life, the Empire has taken everything from me. EVERYTHING. Stripped me of my titles. My honor. Claimed my property. Taken my family. I have nothing more to take. Nothing more to lose."

"My name is loS, son of b'vayn. And you had better run."


Chancellor loS was declared dead ten years ago when remains of his private spacecraft were found in Federation space, leading to war between the Empire and the Federation, but it seems that he has survived and the Empire has marched on in a direction he doesn't agree with. Word is the man's combat ability is the stuff of legend in the Empire, but it seems far-fetched that even a living legend would be capable of taking on the whole of the Klingon Empire.

Klingon officials on Hellesport have yet to comment.

GNN. If you didn't see it here, it didn't happen.