Subject:End of the Trail

The last three weeks of the Presidental Election season has seen President Jameson's campaign swing south into the rim-most member worlds in a move many of her critics are calling too little, too late, as her opponents tread that ground early in the campaign season.

The President's first stop was Antos IV, where she discussed at length with its Council of Elders how the teaching of their technique of cellular metamorphosis would be beneficial for bringing healing to those areas where medical supplies where difficult to deliver. She then visited Coridan, where she was happy to learn about the cultivation technique introduced to them by her opponent Bejal Azar, and she spoke with the agricultural community about how Risan weather control technology might be adapted to minimize or eliminate the extended drought conditions that led to the famine.

Starfleet One then jetted off to Caldos, where the President was pleased to witness the success of the terraforming project that created that beautiful world, and spoke with the project's leaders about increasing the scope of their research to bring life to otherwise barren or suffering worlds in the Federation. And then it was off to Ardana , where she sought to learn about the previously oppressive history of the people and the cooperation and understanding that led to the eventual reunification of the ruling and labor classes.

The last stop on President Jameson's campaign trail has brought her 'home' to Miri, the new homeworld of the Terran people. She called her final press conference for the campaign at the site of the future Starfleet Academy, situated on the Bay in the precise location of it's Earth counterpart, to say a few words and answer a few questions before departing for Vulcan to await the results of the election.

Jameson: "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming today. I stand before you, on the site of the future Starfleet Academy - currently under construction behind me, as you can see. Great care is being taken to recreate the facility in exacting detail as it stood on Earth. In fact, we stand now where the botanical garden shall be, and when complete, our dear departed Mister Boothby would be hard-pressed to tell the difference. It will be an anchor of familiarity on a world that only vaguely resembles the home we once had. Within a year, the Academy will begin to train the next class of Starfleet Cadets, who shall boldly go into an uncertain future."

"And this, my friends, this is our Federation. Though the crisis of the last decade has left us wounded and divided, we shall rise up, we shall rebuild, and we shall face that future with bold new purpose. And in that rebuilding, in that cooperation we will be made stronger. Starfleet will continue to explore, to seek out new life, new ideas. This desire to expand the boundaries of our knowledge, to embrace new cultures in the spirit of cooperation has been wrongly labeled as a desire to create some sort of 'superfederation.' But my friends, it has always been the goal of the Federation to welcome new members, to strengthen ourselves, and others, through increasing diversity. I have no desire to create a superfederation. No, I long for a day when the Federation no longer exists; a day when all mistrust has been set aside, when all understanding has been embraced and all worlds exist in peaceful cooperation not just for the good of one nation, but for all."

"For the past four years, I have had the honor and privilege of being the only Federation President to have been re-elected for a non-consecutive second term. And it would be a greater honor to be chosen to serve for a third. Thank you."

The floor was then opened for a few select questions.

Reporter: "Madam President, how do you respond to the accusations that the Federation hasn't done enough in response to the Klingon occupation of Bajor?"

Jameson: "The situation with the Klingons is delicate. An open, armed conflict with the Empire is not in the interest of either nation. But the Federation recognizes that the Klingon occupation of Bajor is an act of aggression and pressure is being exherted to bring the Klingons to the negotiating table. The Bajoran people were, and still are, under the protection of the Federation, but as always we are seeking a diplomatic resolution to the situation."

Reporter: "And if it is proven that a diplomatic solution is not viable?"

Jameson: "The Federation will not abandon an ally in its time of need. Next question."