Subject:UFP Elections: Azar Vice-President Named

It has just been announced by the presidential campaign office of Consul Bejal Azar that, as the Consul ends his sixth week of campaigning, preparing to begin the last leg within the core member states of the Federation, he has named his running mate, the woman who will become Vice President in the event that he wins the election. The 28 year old former Undersecretary of Culture Alari Dahm is a Trill/El Aurian/Orion tribrid, whose mixed-race father, Nectal Dahm, was the Governor of Orion for four years. Miss Dahm announced her resignation from President Jameson's cabinet some weeks ago. In a statement released by the campaign office, it was said that Consul Azar has his full faith in his instincts when he nominated Miss Dahm and that he believes her to be a symbol of Federation unity, not only in her genetics, but her ideals.

After a short break, we'll be looking at how this nomination affects the standings as we enter the critical seventh week of the elections, as well as discussing what makes President Jameson still as good as she's always been and we'll be asking whether it is truly the time for a right-wing politician to sit at the Federal Desk once more. This is PollWatch on the FNN.