Subject:UFP Elections: Week 7

As the seventh week of the Presidential Election Race dawns, the colony stage finished, it's time for our candidates to get to the heart of the Federation, with the three main players moving between the Federation member states, campaigning for the votes. The campaign by President Jameson was well received in the Deltan Conglomeration, with her promising to invest the time of the Federation researchers into finding a way to bridge the gap between the Deltans and other humanoid species, in allowing them to exist in relationships harmoniously.

After stopping at Wolf 359 to make a patriotic (and nationalistic) speech and salute the flag, Mrs Meldren began her tour of the Rigelian Corporate Dominion, where she promised that, under her as President, new jobs could be created with government support because less resources will be used to support those 'requesting benefits', what she meant by this was rather unclear.

Of to galactic south, Consul Azar began his trip around Coridan, Inferna Prime and Berengaria. He met with those who had been affected by the Coridanian famine and showed them an experimental cultivation technology, with which he demonstrated how it could help the Coridanian people, as well as how to replicate and install it, before leaving it with them as he jetted off to his next destination.

One look at the current opinion polls should tell you that this is going to be a close race between President Jameson and Consul Azar, with Representative Meldren lagging behind in the public eye.