Subject:Coalition Diarchs, Breen Domo and Trill King Condemn Bajor Occupation

ANDOR - Today, Trill's King Rashod concludes a five day excursion to Andor, the capital of the Andorian Empire and principal state of the Interplanetary Coalition. There, he met with the Coalition diarchs, Emperor ch'Revashni and President Gruvek, as well as Domo Brex of the Breen, whose state visit coincided with that of the King's. The four leaders are also said to have conversed with a representative of Heirarch Yezentene of Tholia regarding the growing situation with the Klingons. Speaking to Tellarite state media, the four leaders had this to say.

*** Four figures stand at podiums on the screen, addressing a crowd of journalists. One is a Breen in the standard uniform of the enigmatic species, one is a tall Andorian man with wisps of white hair coming to his collar, another is a diminutive Tellarite with the standard noticable creases in his skin and the last is a Trill man with greying hair and a trim suit, his fingers steepled near his microphone. The footage is edited to only show what the four leaders said on the matter. ***

Emperor ch'Revashni: "Myself and my colleague, Field Marshall Gruvek, are united in condemning what is clearly an oppression of the Bajoran people by the rule of Chancellor byRen'Qa' and will not tolerate it. Though we shall not cut off relations with the Empire, we shall call for them to account for their illegal actions against the Bajorans."

President Gruvek: "We also declaring our full support for the Free Government of Bajor, led by First Minister Lakahn and shall be sending a representative to their temporary offices on Hellesport Station."

King Rashod: "Though the Trill are not an independent nation, I, along with Prime Minister Hadren and the Triada'Trillium will soon be officially calling for the recognition of the FGB by the Federation on returning to Leran Manev."

Domo Brex (with aid of a translator): "The Breen shall not stand idly by while Bajor is occupied once more. Both our Inner and Outer Congresses are united, we shall recognise Chairman Byral Antlar and First Minister Lakahn Adelm as the sole legitimate rulers of Bajor. It has been too long since the Breen has seen eye-to-eye with our interstellar neighbours, but I am happy that we finally have in the aid of what is right, and that is proper Bajoran rule for Bajor."

*** The image of the leaders fades. ***

The news of this has spread through political circles rapidly, with presidential candidate Bejal Azar saying that was a 'great furthering of the Bajoran cause'.