Subject:News from Deep Space Nine

The Galactic Enquirer logo pops up on the screen, before being replaced with a familiar starscape. Deep Space Nine looms ominously in the background.

"This just in from the Bajoran Government," comes a voice that probably belongs to the GE announcer, "The following footage was captured by planetary and station sensors."

A second later, the wormhole opens in an amazing display of light and incomprehensible physics. For a moment, there is nothing--but the nothing is replaced by a something, as large as the wormhole is, the size of several starships.  Several smaller ships, completely eclipsed by the massive vessel in the front, emerge behind it. The camera zooms in for a moment on one of them, recognizeable as a Jem'Hadar Attack Cruiser. As the camera zooms back out, the entire fleet shimmers and vanishes from sight.

"All attempts to hail what is presumed to be a fleet of Dominion starships have been as unsuccessful as the attempts to learn their purpose here, or their destination. The Bajoran government has put their military forces on stand-by alert."

The screen fades to black.