Subject:UFP Elections: Week 4

And we're here in the fourth week in the race for the presidency, with things heating up as the candidates begin roaming across many of the states and colonies of the Federation. After visiting Cestus III, Zalda and Zakdorn, President Jameson set course for Risa, where she met tourists and spoke about how her government would really focus on attracting more people to the Federation melting pot to aid the growth in culture. This was met well by the Risian authorities, who would do more business, as well as the colonies, who appear to be in need of some good old fun and arts.

On the other side of the flip was Representative Meldren, who spent her time in the colonies asking how the Federation could be able to begin producing its needed resources itself, without relying on trade with foreign states, which was not received well by those with dual citizenship as well as the governments of such foreign states, although, being a conservative, Meldren probably didn't bet on their votes anyway.

Our third candidate, Bejal Azar, took an interesting approach to the colony stage of the trail, hitching a lift from Trill with a group of traders, traveling along with their convoy and talking about their experiences in the industry. When he reached his first colony, he went about business, discussing with citizens and workers how their life could be improved and what the government could do to achieve this. When he'd finished their, he got a lift with some more traders, and rinse and repeat, so they say. What effect will this unique approach have? That should become clear in the coming weeks.