Subject:UFP Elections: Week 1

And so, the three presidential candidates have finally set out on the campaign trail. The first week is, as dictated by tradition, a rally for support in the candidate's home state. President Jameson, being a Terran, is unable to walk the trail on Earth, so she began her campaign on Centauri, where she was greeted by a crowd who had flocked to meet her and here the opening speech to her campaign, the slogan "The Future Begins Today" being flown high on banners in those who came to hear her speak.

On Benzar, Representative Meldren began her slightly more right-wing campaign by joining a parade through the streets of the capital city and a speech promoting an improvement in the future opportunities prospects of those who would serve the compulsory military service that she would implement were she to be elected.

"United We Stand" was the phrase of the day in the great halls and parks of Leran and Serna Manev on Trill, with Consul Azar's campaign getting off to a great start considering he is not currently a sitting elected politician. He met with a number of politicians, local social workers and the 'common man' to get their opinions on the situation within the Federation.

As of yet, there still seem to be no clear leaders in the race, but we're only just getting started, there are still eight weeks to go in the race, so let's hang in and see what happens!