Subject:Explosion Rocks Bajor

Word has escaped through the Klingon lockdown on Bajor that a bomb went off in Jalanda City on Bajor today, killing several Klingon soldiers. No details about the nature of the bomb, or the extent of the damage is known. This is the first news to reach offworld of any active resistance against the Klingon occupation similar to what the Cardassian Union faced during its occupation of Bajor. The Klingon Empire is yet to make an official statement, although an unidentified Klingon has called the attack 'dishonorable' and said that 'vengeance will be swift'.

How this will effect the so-called 'Bajoran Free Government', and their campaign to gain support is unknown, and at least one expert suggests they may have orchestrated the attack, or at least known in advance, given First Minister Lakahn Adelm's past as a prominent resistance fighter during the Cardassian Occupation.