Subject:Presidential Candidates Named

Welcome to the Federation News Network with your update on the election as today is the day. Today's the day that the race officially begins, and it's time to meet the so-called competitors. Yes, the lists are out folks, and boy does this one look good.

Up first, fighting to win her third term in office is Jessica Jameson, former Starfleet Admiral and servant of democracy. She's brought us through OOR threats, expenses scandals, corruption tribunals, but could she bring us through the next four years?

Challenging the president and saying she can't is Benzite democrat, Representative Meldren, who's going in her own private crusade on the president, striving for a new era for Federation politics. In the past, the Representative has been very right wing and outspoken about the situation in the Federation; maybe it's time for her to come in to office and flip this nation over with the power of right-wing politics, bringing that back in.

And, in a sudden application just last night, we have a third 'major candidate', joined Trill diplomat and politician Bejal Azar. Speculators have been hinting at this for some time, considering in the past few months, the 26 year old former Ensign exploded into the news when he led the challenge against Secretary T'Ling in rejecting the Klingon invasion of Bajor, as well as being someone behind the forming of the Bajoran government in exile. Some say that Azar's been working at these things to boost popularity /because/ of the elections, but those close to him say otherwise. under the banner of "United we Stand" Mr Azar's campaign looks just as strong as the rest. We'll see as the campaign trial gets going.