Subject:Lobbying For Free Bajor Begins

Today, the political allies of Consul Bejal Azar, a man who had a key role in the rejection of the Klingon occupation of Bajor, begin lobbying in favour of the recognition of the Bajoran Free Government to be recognised as the legitimate government of Bajor. All across the quadrant, diplomats and politicians that signed Mr Azar's original petition are going to various heads of state and ambassadors to try and get all nations to acknowledge the FGB. On Vulcan, King Rashod II of Trill is set to make a historic address to the Senate, in the hope of swaying them. On Andoria, both Diarchs agreed to recognise the FGB without persuasion. On the Romulan homeworld, a group of diplomats have begun meeting with Senators and Praetors to try and win over the Rihannsu. The Federation Consul-General to the Breen has presented evidence to the Breen Domo that the Klingon occupation goes against the conditions that the Breen set in terms of how they would view the occupation, saying that Bajor would be better freer, which should sway them. There is even some lobbying to the Tholians and Gorn, however they are likely to make up their minds after a long period of deliberation. All this is speculated to lead up to Consul Azar endorsing Bajor's accession to some higher body, be it the Hellesport triumvirate or the Khitomer Accords. Whatever happens, it is likely that the profile of Free Bajoran First Minister Lakahn Adelm will soon grow.