Subject:Federation Rejects Bajor Invasion

House of Representatives, Federation Council Building, Shi'Khar, Vulcan -

Inside the vast chamber of the lower house of the Federation Council, the representatives sit in a semi-cyclical formation, neatly arranged into their political parties. At the speaker's chair in the centre of the semi circle, sits T'Ling, the Secretary of State, a Vulcan woman whose face is lined with age. She is reading out, for what must be the umpteenth time, the motion to recognise the Klingon annexation of Bajor. There is murmur from the opposition, unsurprisingly, the representatives from the four districts on Benzar make the loudest noise, after all, it was Benzar's Senator Momdar that led the filibuster against the motion in the Senate. As Secretary T'Ling finishes reading the motion, the Representatives prepare for some intense and controlled debate, but, before they can, their attention is drawn to the holographic representation of a Trill that has suddenly appeared in front of the speaker's chair, his back to T'Ling. Anyone who's been following recent developments will recognise this as Bejal Azar, who earlier in the week tabled a petition on Trill to refuse recognition of the motion. With his trademark positive attitude, Azar breaks the silence that came about because of his sudden appearance "Representatives, Madam Secretary, please excuse my sudden appearance in your midst, such violation of our privileges is hardly common, but I thought that this should be brought to your attention before you consider this matter,"

As he talks, Azar raises a PADD in his hand and says "This PADD contains a petition against the recognition of the annexation of Bajor as legal. Some of you have no doubt heard about it, and I'm hardly surprised, considering this was tabled under my instruction at the legislatures of almost all of the 154 member states of this Federation. As you have no doubt heard, the Klingons are oppressing the Bajoran people, imposing curfews, closing borders and killing anyone who protests," as Azar mentions these things, holographic representations of them appear round the chamber just to remind everybody,

"It is for this reason that we believe that the Federation, a nation founded 240 years ago on the basis of freedom and democracy for all, should stand idly by and watch as our allies are gripped by a plight of oppression. We came to the aid of our Klingon allies when they were on the verge of civil war; it is time to come to the aid of our Bajoran allies. Why are they any different? The answer; they're not. Sentient life is being oppressed, we cannot allow that to happen. This is not a battle for territory, or for treasure, this is a battle for what's right. We will not tolerate baseless expansionism! 'Who is we?' you ask? Just read this petition; we've received signatures from the President of Zalda, the Governor of Cestus III, the King of Trill, the Prime Minister of Benzar, the Premier of Alpha Centauri, and many other legislators and leaders, all saying 'No, the Klingons cannot continue!'. Now, I believe you've all heard this motion enough times that you don't need any more debate on the issue. There are many among you who support this motion and many of you who are sitting on the fence, but I implore you, think of the Bajoran children who will have to spend a generation under foreign rule. Ask yourself if you could look them in the eye and tell them that you were one of the people that let this happen," Azar looks around the room at all the representatives from all the worlds of the Federation and raises his arms "What say you, Representatives of the Federation? Are we Federation citizens just big hypocrites? Or are we defenders of justice and freedom!?"

Many representatives stand and applaud, with pockets of 'sitters' amongst the Vulcan politicians and several others. Votes tally in on the electronic system, the 'against' number raising faster and further than the 'for' number. Finally, when all the votes are in, it shows that the opposition has won comfortably, with all the original abstainers taking their side, and numerous other councillors either changing their vote because of the speech, or because the government on their planet signed the petition already. With little ceremony of the victory of the petition and the fact that the motion has been defeated, the holographic Azar turns to T'Ling.

"Secretary," says Azar, his gaze directed toward the Vulcan woman, who, despite their relative physical appearance, is just a child compared to him "You have heard the word of the Council; we have rejected this motion. Now, will your government support the democratic will of the people? Will you refuse to stand by and watch this happen?" For a few seconds, T'Ling simply looks into Azar's eyes, maintaining that cold Vulcan screen on her emotions. The House remains silent as they wait for her opinion. Finally, she opens her mouth and declares "It is the opinion of this government, that the Klingons have illegally invaded Bajor and are occupying it undemocratically and oppressively." Members of the House murmur in support for this statement. The holographic version of Azar simply looks over to the visitor's gallery; to where the senators have come to observe the decision; to the seat that the Klingon ambassador was sitting in a few minutes ago.