Subject:Klingon Declaration

tay'ghoqor - A message from the Klingon homeworld has reached GNN today in which the Klingon High Council declares that all space ports on Bajor have been closed and no vessel is being allowed to depart or to land on the planet. Approaching vessels will be warned by a Klingon vessel to turn around and if they do not head this warning, fire will be opened. The same is true for departing vessels. This is valid for vessels of any size.

Seems that the Klingons finally show that it wasn't such a voluntary treaty after all. We've also learned by a Bajoran who managed to leave the planet because, as he said, the galaxy needed to know, that a strict curfew has been put into effect on Bajor, forcing the populace to remain in their homes between 8pm and 7am local time. Groups of more than five people are disolved and the Klingons don't shy away from force to make their will clear.

Looks quite similar to what has happened to most worlds in the former Cardassian Union. We're now waiting to see how the other governments react to this.