Subject:UFP Commentary on the KE-RSE Tensions

A man stands behind a pebbled grey podium.  Familiar to all who watch the news nets, he is UFP Security Advisor Saghir Hajhasan.  Abruptly, he speaks.
Let me be brief.  Recent events have once again threatened to bring the unparalleled scourge of war across our continent.  We have heard Klingon sabers rattled, and seen the deaths of children.  Today we've even heard the calm, and reasoned proposals of the RSE.

At times the Klingons have been our foes, our allies, and even just our competitors.  Of late we have seen far too much of them as foes, and today we see them as rash, and intemperate.  I call upon them to cease their attacks.

The United Federation of Planets is a civilization /of/ civilizations, and a civilization /for/ civilizations.  All of our members know, and dearly love, the true freedom that comes with stability--tempered by the rejuvenating edge of exploration.  If war is inevitable, of the Klingon Empire cannot find another course of action other than violence, then hear this.

You may wage your war, we cannot stop you.  However, if you respect honor, you will wage this war /through/ your Neutral Zone, not upon the corpses of its inhabitants.  We shall not stand for that.  These attacks upon the planets of the Zone serve no strategic purpose.  None of these powers can contest with the other two warring factions for control of interstellar space.  Leave them be.

Whatever the Klingons choose to do, we can clearly see that in this matter all sanction must be laid upon them.  I am not prepared to speak of contingencies, or of severity at this time, but do know our displeasure.

The man leaves the podium, and this broadcast ends.