Subject:Klingon Empire grows again

Bajor - Kai Vindu Belar announced today that Bajor just sighned a treaty to become a member of the Klingon Empire.

After the Cardassian Union and Deep Space Nine, Bajor was obviously the next victim of Klingon expansionism in the Alpha Quadrant. The problems began with the Klingon assault on DS9 that Starfleet was unable to prevent. And while Starfleet made a new tentative to save Bajor from Klingon occupation - at the time, analysts esteemed that Starfleet could only win - they did non succeed. Indeed, the Klingons had used Cardassian infrastructure to build a new fleet which was superior in fire power to the one Starfleet sent.

In the end, it was not a full-blown war. There were a few skirmishes, but Starfleet, realising that they could only lose, decided withdraw to not lose even more of their fleets.

Now, with the Klingons having conquered Bajor, the 'treaty' Kai Vindu mentioned is certainly only charade. But we'll see in the months to come how Bajor and the Bajoran people will be treated under this new rule.

Will the Klingons now try to take over the Ferengi Alliance? Or maybe even make a move on the weakened Federation? Only time will tell.