Subject:Azar: The time for being a bystander member state is over!


   "Good Evening, this is the Federation News Network. On Trill, the People's Voice Party has won a majority in the Triad'Nara, the elected lower house of the Trill's Parliament. Political analysts have said that the victory was based heavily on plans by the party to rekindle unity between the people's of Trill, Trillius Prime and the Greater Federation. Earlier today, the new Prime Minister was sworn in by Joinar Rashod II, who then entered the Trill Parliament buildings to address the customary joint session of the houses.

*** The image of a middle-aged trill man in a long, jet black trill suit with many gold embellishments at his chest appears on screen, sitting in a golden with a PADD in his hand *** "My new government's plans," he says "Will not just aim to make us a better planet... they /will/ make us a better planet." *** The image returns to the "studio" ***

   "The election marks the first victory by the party since their downfall nearly twenty years ago. The PVP candidates for Trill's seats in the House of Representatives on Vulcan are expected to rise to power at the next Federation Council elections, some say that the PVP may once more have a party member on the Senate, something last achieved by Senator Talor Azar."

   "The joint session was attended by members of both houses of the Parliament, including PVP Trio'Uniosha Bejal Azar, who was recently appointed Federation Consul to Hellesport. Taking a day of diplomatic duties to attend the rise of his party, Mr Azar stood for just his second time to propose the government's first order of business for the new term; a bill to officially increase support to the Federation."

*** The image of the young Trill man with old Trill eyes standing up to a dispatch box appears *** "Mr Trio'ta, I thank that Prime Minister for offering me this oppertunity to promote this historic bill to preserve the Federation after a year of turmoil. When the Republic of Tellar and the Andorian Empire declared their independance on the floor of an allied chamber last year, the whole Federation shook with fear that the OOR would return and they would take us. I later stood from the benches opposite and said that we should stay with the Federation, and we have. But let me tell you, we have not done enough. The Federation is a country, a country that's had three of it's largest components wrenched from it; components that need replacing. It's time that the Joinarant steped out from stage left and take to the centre. The time for being a bystander member state is over. This bill proposes, among other things that we A) commit Trill Defence Force fleet assets to Starfleet's aid, B) that we upgrade the Trill mission on Vulcan to a full Embassy and C) that we move forward with Vulcan as one of the principal members of the new Federation. There are holes in this country that need filling, so lets fill them!" *** As Azar finishes, the PVP members offer applause of aproval for the statesman. He resumes his seat and get's ready to listen for the opposition argument as the screen fades to black. ***