Subject:New Romulan triumvir on Hellesport

Rihannsu Star Empire/Hellesport - The ruling body of Hellesport station, the so-called Triumvirate, has a new member. The Romulan khre'Riov Ejiul i-K'manatri tr'Jaihen who has served in the Triumvirate for seven years was replaced by khre'Riov Rhiana e-Fveirrolh t'Aegis.

Khre'Riov t'Aegis' previous assignment was as executive officer aboard the USS Voyager NCC-74656. The vessel, which was presumed missing, recently returned from an exploration mission to the Delta Quadrant. Her crew was comprised of members of Starfleet, Galae and Hubbeq. The newly appointed triumvir therefore has what the former was lacking: first-hand experience in working with non-Romulans. This may lead to smoother and more efficient decision-making in the Triumvirate, something the station as a whole would benefit from. This remains speculation, however, as khre'Riov t'Aegis was unavailable for comment.