Subject:Azar stands for Trill Secession Debate

[Coverage from the Trill Parliament, Stardate 20120216. MPs are debating over sucession from the Federation]

*/Triad'Uniasha/ Chambers, Trill Parliament, Leran Manev City, Trill*

-- The red chairs of the Trill parliament's upper house are filled with the legislators who have congregated in the chamber to discuss the business of the day. Many of them are old, retired the politicians, with a few youthful faces in the room. An elderly Trill man is standing at a lectern on the left side of the room, giving a speech.

"Mr Speaker, there was a reason the Andorians seceeded from the Federation; there was a reason the Tellarites seceeded from the Federation and there /is/ a reason why the parliaments on Bolarus, Seley and Trill are discussing doing the same; self defence!" he pauses as other members murmer support before continuing "Being members of the Federation puts us at risk from OOR attack. The combined population of Trill and Trillius Prime is over nine billion. The Trill Defence Force would not be capable of evacuating us and Starfleet is spread too thin to make a difference. Let me make this clear, if the OOR attack the Joinarant, nine billion Trill, Augments and Symbionts will die. Also, the Great Trill shall fall. Let us not forget that we swore an oath to serve the 'Joinar, the People and the Holy Quintrinity of the Great Trill'. We must seceed from the Federation to /protect/ the Joinar. /Protect/ the people. /Protect/ the Great Trill and /protect/ the symbionts so that we can leave our legacy for future generations!" He returns to his seat as the members on his side of the house applaud his speech.

The speaker stands, looking round the room for who to call next. His eyes settle on one member in the middle of the opposite side of the house. To the house, he declares "Mr Bejal Azar!". Members applaud as the newly joined Azar stands to make his case.

"Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, may I first say that it is an honour to stand here once again after the untimely death of my predecessor, Senator Talor Azar. May I also say that I find it saddening that the legacy of my past host, the man that brought this planet into the Federation, is being treated in the way that the honourable gentleman across the way has outlined in that he wants to destroy it. I brought Trill into the Federation because it was the best thing to do. The Federation, no matter how battered it was in the destruction of Earth, is still a superpower. But regardless of the issue of the power of the Federation, we still must have our faith. The pilgirms who tend to the Great Trill say that the Holy Light is as powerful as it has always been. The Great Trill would not lose faith in us, so we must not lose faith in it. The Great Trill has guided our destinies in the past, and will for many years to come. If the OOR turn on us, it is the Great Trill's will that we shall meet the Holy Creator in the Further Land as we have been enlightened. But we know that we have not been enlightened. There is unrest of the streets of Leran Manev. The Great Trill would be saddened by this and would not grant us the privilage of passing. To quote Vulcan philosophy, logic dictates that the time for our distruction has not come. I have faith in logic as I do faith in the Great Trill. We must hold fast and stand strong as Federation members and we will sail through this storm and onto greater shores. I am departing tomorrow for Hellesport Station to serve as a /Federation/ diplomat. I hope that many Trill follow similar services. May the light of the Great Trill shine upon us and guide us into new properity in the 25th century."

Azar resumes his seat, with applause from the other members. The speaker declares parliament adjourned.