Subject:A Message From the Rihannsu Star Empire

During the peak hours of the day, as all the channels of the Galactic Enquirer are buzzing with the latest Ferengi stock reports, a sudden interruption in the regular transmission occurrs without a warning. The screen goes dark, and a slight screech of ajusting frequency to the local standards is heard. Then, unexpectedly, a logo claims the screen.

                     \                                 /
                       \                             /
             __         \_______             _______/         __
             \ `----._____.-`   `-----------'   '-._____.----' /
              `._/  /        \_       \       _/        \  \_.'
                  \_  |  |  \  `._ \_____/ _.'  /  |  |  _/
                    \/_  |  | /   `.\   /.'   \ |  |  _\/
                       \/__/_/ /ww\ (` ') /ww\ \_\__\/
                          .--' \__/  \ /  \__/ `--.
                           \/  /`|    |)   |'\  \/
                             \/_/  |  /  |  \_\/
                                 \/_/ | \_\/
                                  \ `-|-' /
                                   \     /
                                    \   /
                                     \ /

As the emerald-blue emblem of the Rihannsu Star Empire fades from view, a Rihanha female appears on the screen... her head and shoulders visible against an olive background of Imperial installations, backlit with similar insignia of the Empire and alien-looking styles of decor. Pausing for a good five seconds, to embed the gravity of this situation - as Rihannsu rarely speak on this channel, and almost never in person - she finally flashes her self-confident smile, and a look of irony that accompanies it is very native to her species.

"Citizens of the galaxy", she begins with the aspirated accent, bearing melodic tints of the Rihannsu tongue, "I speak to you on behalf of the Rihannsu Star Empire. Yesterday, by crossing the Outmarshes known as Neutral Zone, the Klivam Empire has broken a treaty between them and our government. By breaking such treaty, they have delcared a war on the Rihannsu people."

She pauses once again... her black, closely cropped, v-shaped haircut augumenting the silvery Galae uniform with style and distinction. The class about her is unmistakably Rihannsu, and her overall manners speak of the element of water. "The reasons for this invasion are unknown to us. The fact that the mysterious torpedo that has struck one of their planets was not traced to us was in fact confirmed by the Klivam themselves. We must therefore assume that the Klivam have used this as an excuse for an invasion."

In the background, a number of Rihannsu can be seen moving around... their silver-grey uniforms in constant motion, indicating a high state of alert. Commands and information are passed back and forth in the melodic tones of some language that is carefully not parsed through the universal tranlator. In the foreground, the officer continues, "I cannot express the regret at the huge loss of life that has been already encountered at the hands of the Klivam. Their attack on civilian planets with no defense brings a shame to their self-proclaimed warrior image. Their intrusion into the Outmarshes speaks of their hostility towards our people. Naturally, the Empire will not allow such action. But we do understand mistakes, and in time... forgive. Klivam, you have four days to leave the Neutral Zone and show that your crossing of it was just a mistake. The Empire will defend itself... and it will defend the defenceless people on the planets so barbarically endangered."

"In addition", continues the female, her head raising just a bit, "The Rihannsu Star Empire wishes to know which races out there support this unprovoked invasion. Each government is hereby requested to speak on its own bhalf. Silence will be taken as condemnation of the Klivam ways. Bedah." Nodding, the female Rihannsu officer fades from view, and a short burst of static announces the switch to the regular frequency. The Ferengi stock reports continue, and no further message, sound, or even presence can be detected from the space of the Rihannsu Star Empire.