From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Fesoan Secedes from Federation


Enraged by the revelation that the Vulcans possessed the psionic weapon technology used to repel the attack on their homeworld while the OOR ravaged worlds across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the Andorians, long time if quiet rivals and begrudging allies of the Vulcans, have called for the removal of Vulcan from the United Federation of Planets. The Federation Council, relocated to Vulcan, rejected the demand after much spirited debate.

"Vulcan could have prevented the atrocities that the OOR committed -- Earth, Kronos, Romulus. They all could have been spared," said Senator Nshan of Fesoan. "But instead they cowered in their caves, until the threat came to their own doorstep. The Andorian people cannot be party to a Federation that will not hold these cold-blooded cowards responsible for their actions" or in this case, inaction."

Hours after the Andorian delegation stormed from the Council chambers, Fesoan announced its formal secession from the United Federation of Planets. The announcement has caused tremendous upheaval in an already tattered Federation; all eyes are on the superpower of the Alpha Quadrant, wondering if the crippled nation can hold together.