From:The Q Continuum
Subject:OOR Attack Vulcan - Repelled by Secret Weapon!


Less than a month following the attack on Earth, the black ships of the OOR appeared once again, this time around Vulcan and its primary star, 40 Eridani A, poised to perform the same series of attacks they made on Earth, QonoS, and the Twinworlds of the Romulan Empire. Starfleets response was immediate, bringing everything they had in the system to bear on the dozens of behemoths which began their opening salvo on the arid planet. Outgunned and outmatched, Starfleet used its Aenar telepaths to try to slow the onslaught, succeeding in buying a few, brief, valuable minutes when, unexpectedly, one of the dreadnaughts began a death roll, and then another, and then another, as their hulls began deform and collapse. First five, then fifteen of the deadly warships silently imploded, when the remaining fleet began to withdraw, slipping back into subspace.

Amidst the victory celebration, the Vulcans revealed that the invasion had been repelled by a team of trained telepaths using psionic amplifiers, technology, the Vulcans explained, that comes from before what they call the "Time of Awakening." Technology which they had long buried, and were loathe to uncover. "They represent a dark period in Vulcan history. These are weapons that utilize the power of thought; no shield can deflect them, no armor can blunt them. They are truly terrifying. To ever bring them out of the darkness, this was unthinkable. But ultimately necessary."

Starfleet is already pressing the Vulcans to allow the widespread deployment of the technology throughout the fleet, to which they have expressed some reluctance. "It is a dangerous thing, which could easily upset the balance of power in the quandrant." Their agreement came with the stipulation that all of the technology must be operated by Vulcan crew members and that it must dismantled when it is clear that the OOR no longer pose a threat to the sentient species of the galaxy.