Subject:UFP, RSE, KE Reestablish

As evacuation of Earth proceeds, the Council of the United Federation of Planets has relocated to Vulcan, making the arid world the new interim capital of the UFP. An emergency session was immediately called to determine the fate of humankind; Miri, a class-M protectorate of the Federation located near the Klingon border was selected to receive the steady stream of refugees from the Terran homeworld. Lightly colonized and reported to be an exacting copy of Earth -- perhaps created by the Preservers -- the world's population was killed off by a viral outbreak some time in its 20th century and so the world lacks the modern infrastructure of Earth. It will be decades, perhaps a century, before colonists have built the world up to reflect the home they once knew. But at least it will be a familiar one.

The Romulans are not so lucky as to have discovered clones of their homeworlds, though in a way the redistribution of their populace to already developed worlds is something of a blessing compared to the work ahead of the Terrans. Typical of the Romulans, little is known about the world, Elhieuue, they have chosen to establish as their capital other than it is a class M world with a mild climate and no known metropolitan zones.

The Klingons, accustomed to hard life on a homeworld that seemed created to kill them, apparently view the loss of their homeworld as a minor setback in the war that is to come with the OOR. Large swathes of their population are relocated to Ty'Gokor, the heavily fortified world at the heart of Klingon territory which serves as the central command for their Defense force. The world is as harsh as the one which they have lost, though the Empire is not without its lusher, more scenic worlds which their planetary governors have opened to colonization in exchange for fealty to the ruling House.

From the ashes the three seek to rebuild, while the galaxy watches and waits, wondering where the black ships will bring death next.