From:The Q Continuum
Subject:OOR Strike Homeworlds!

The orbit around the Federation capital, Earth, is a graveyard of ships the likes of which has not been seen since Wolf 359. The remains of nearly a hundred ships, perhaps more, lay strewn around a battered world whose surface is cooling to uninhabitable levels, denied the warmth of her sun by the black ships of the OOR.

It is a scene repeated at Qo'noS and the twin planets of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran - worlds unprepared for the magnitude of the strikes unleashed simultaneously on the homeworlds of the most powerful territories in the two quadrants. Dozens of massive warships, more than ever encountered before at any one time, launched two-pronged attacks on each of the worlds. They struck the worlds themselves initially, bombarding the surface, drawing the fleets that were stationed for the inevitable attack in for close support of the planet; and moments later, once the fleets were engaged, the same tactic witnessed at Betazed: additional OOR ships appeared and performed an assault on the system star, compressing it to a singularity. Unprepared for such a coordinated strike, the defenders could but watch helplessly as the life-giving stars they orbited were turned out like lights.

With large portions of their fleet devoted to the conflict on the Cardassian front, the Klingons and the Federation suffered heavy losses in the wake of the attack, while the Romulans, typically reclusive, brought more of their guns to bear, avenging the death of Eisn and allowing only a handful of the OOR ships to escape... but not without sacrifice.

But unlike Betazed, the three homeworlds had contingencies in place for such a disaster. Massive shield generators were activated in key population centers, creating barriers against the encroaching cold, and while they would not remain habitable indefinitely, it would extend the evacuation period and reduce further loss of life.

The future is uncertain. The loss of Earth and a large swath of Starfleet is crippling to the Federation, and the colonies of the Romulan Star Empire are sparse compared to the Twinworlds of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran. The Klingons, whose military command is unhampered by the loss of Qo'noS, is nonetheless hurting for its displaced population and heavy losses.

And the OOR are still at large.