From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Klingons Attack Deep Space 9

Following ten weeks of intense posturing since they first accused the Federation of orchestrating the disappearance of Chancellor loS, the Klingon Empire has launched an all-out attack on starbase Deep Space Nine in the Cardassian Demilitarized zone in what seems to be the first act in a yet undeclared war on the Federation. At 0200 hours station time the vanguard of the Klingon force swept out of cloak and without warning opened fire on the station and the Starfleet battlegroup assembled there to monitor the border. Unprepared for such a sudden and fierce assault the Starfleet group suffered considerable casualties before they rallied. We are told that ultimately both sides took considerable losses before the Starfleet forces were forced to withdraw when two Klingon Negh'var class flagships turned their heavy bombardment cannons on the station and rendered its life support systems inoperable, necessitating an emergency evacuation of the station. As of the moment of this report, the Klingons have laid claim to the station and the surrounding space.

Just a few minutes ago, Federation President Jameson issued a brief statement to the press decrying the attack: "This is an unprovoked act of aggression and it will not be tolerated. The Federation has tried on numerous occasions to extend the olive branch and reopen diplomatic channels with the Klingon Empire; no evidence has ever been produced that any Starfleet vessel was responsible for Chancellor loS' death, a fact which we have stated with every accusation the Empire has leveled against us. The Empire has escalated its campaign in the Alpha Quadrant and the Federation will respond appropriately to defend its allies and its borders."

The attack comes on the heels the reported ascension of a new Chancellor on the Klingon High Council, one Klorgh of the House of 'eH. It could be that the attack is a play by the newly-anointed leader of the Klingon Empire to cement his power base and demonstrate himself as a man of action. A statement has yet to be issued by Klingon authorities.