Subject:Qang's Ship Found - Klingons Call for Blood

QONOS, Klingon Empire.

The mighty halls of the Klingon capitol are echoing with the sound of warriors calling for blood today.

It is reported that a Klingon scouting patrol has located what they believe to be debris from Chancellor loS' Bird-of-Prey located in Sector 2520 of Federation space. investigators report that the alloy is consistent with that which comprises the hulls of B'rel class Birds-of-Prey and that fragments show signs of high-energy impact. Already incriminations are being hurled at the United Federation of Planets, accusing the Federation of assassinating the Klingon president.

Starfleet officials issued a response, stating that no incident between a Federation vessel and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey had recently been reported, and all measures would have been exhausted to identify the ship and its purpose before hostilities would have occurred. They noted, however, that the Klingon Bird-of-Prey was in violation of the Federation ban on Klingon traffic through its space and that any action taken would have been justified in defense of the Federation's interests.

The Klingons seem to have taken this as a confession, as the Klingon High Council meets behind closed doors without its leader to consider its response. And knowing the Klingons, war looms just around the corner.