From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Cardassians to Serve in Klingon Defense Force

LAKAT PROVINCE, Cardassia Prime, Klingon Empire.

An Imperial decree was issued today by Klingon Chancellor loS granting Cardassian natives the opportunity to serve in the Klingon Defense Force.

"The Cardassian peoples posses a certain martial pride," the Chancellor said. "Though inferior to the Klingon warrior spirit, they are nonetheless capable warriors, and such warriors deserve the chance to defend their native soil even under the Imperial banner. Therefore, from this moment forward, Cardassian soldiers may serve in the Imperial Hubbeq. In doing so, such warriors prove their worth and are to be consider full citizens of the Empire, second only to true-blooded Klingon warriors. Those that do not serve shall remain subjects of the Empire, receiving none of the rights and benefits befitting a warrior. So I have spoken, so it is written."

The announcement was received with mixed feelings. In Lakat city center, many Cardassians celebrated this opportunity to elevate themselves from beneath the heel of the Klingon Empire and serve the Union once more, while others decried the announcement as a meager attempt to squelch the ever-growing resentment of Cardassian patriots by feigning a cooperative possture.

Opinions were likewise split back on Qo'noS. Supporters of the qItaQ regime applauded the move, agreeing with the Chancellor's notion that all warriors under the Imperial banner, regardless of species, should be allowed to fight the Empire's enemies. Detractors rejected the decree as a dilution of the Hubbeq's ranks with inferior stock and that a former enemy of the Empire should not be trusted to fight with honor on the Empire's behalf.

On Earth, the United Federation of Planets remains steadfast in its refusal to recognize Klingon sovereignty over the Cardassian Union. Says Federation President Jameson in a recent press conference: "Until the Cardassian civilian government treaties with the Klingon Empire not under force of arms, but of its own volition, until the Klingons recognize each and every Cardassian citizen as an equal to their own, the United Federation of Planets will continue to recognize the Cardassian Union as an illegally occupied territory."