From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Delkan IV Invasion

The Galactic News Network has just received word that communications have been intercepted from a small forest world, Delkan IV, located near the center of the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone. Reports are sketchy at the moment, and the majority of our data comes only from general distress calls and camera footage which the Delkans transmitted during the fight. It appears that the Klingon Empire has begun an assault all along the neutral zone border.

*The screen fades to show a blond human woman in her early 20s in a communications facility*

Woman: "Mayday! Mayday! This is the planet Delkan IV! We are under attack by Klingon forces! Please send help immediately! We are massively outgun--

*The woman dives under the console as disruptor fire rips through the walls. She is hit on the way down and her head slams into the console, shortly before the console is hit by disruptor fire. The image turns to static, then to exterior camera views.*

*Two K'vort class ships do a straffing run on a small security post. Civilians and military personnel alike run around, searching for cover. A few security officers take pot shots at the ships, doing no noticeable damage. In the fields outside the city, troops carriers are landing and deploying regiments of Klingon warriors. Some of the farmers try to defend their land, but are cut down with disruptor fire.*

*The camera pans to a trading post near the spaceport. A force field is suddenly erected over it. The Klingon warriors withdraw to a safe distance, and some of the townspeople cheer, arrogantly thinking they've won. The Klingon ships open fire on the trading post. The scene changes again, this time to a human-looking man dressed in some form of low-grade flak jacket. Explosions are all around.*

Man: They're coming *static*! This is independent planet Delkan *static* or! They're everywhere! Wait, they seem...they seem to be withdrawing. Klingon forces, we appreciate your withdraw---AGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

*The room is enveloped in flame, and several people can be seen running around on fire before the final explosion.*

*The view changes to the output from some kind of small maintenance droid orbitting the planet.*

Klingon: Delkan IV...your planet is orbited by an overwhelming amount of Klingon forces and your forces are crippled...surrender now and your lives will be spared.
DelkanIV: *static* Our *static* planetary defenses are back online. *static* Retreat!

*Phaser fire arcs from the planet, striking one of the orbitting Vor'cha class cruisers. The cruisers return fire with disruptors and torpedos. The view changes back to the city cameras.*

DelkanIV voiceover: "We've lost our primary fusion reactor! *static* Secondary is under heavy bombar*static* Request aid! They're killing us! They're killing *static*

*Klingon warriors descend on a small building beyond the trading post and are cut down by perimeter phaser turrets. A Klingon Bird of Prey careens out of control over the city and crashes in a field several miles from the city center. The k'Vort class ships break off and open fire on the small building.*

*The final scene is of the inside of the planetary communications and defense center. A Romulan lies almost dead, bleeding over a console. Several humans and a Bolian are in a similar situation. Civilians, who had run into the command post for shelter when the shooting started, lie hurt and bleeding on the far side of the room. A teenage human girl, who appears to be one of the only ones left standing and conscious, frantically works at the console, trying to do some good.*

Girl: "Why won't anyone help? Klingons! They're...they're all over the place! We can't---"

*The console explodes, killing the girl. A few seconds later, the entire room bursts into flame. Static ensues. The view changes back to GNN headquarters.*

GNN anchor: "That's shocking footage from planet Delkan IV, located in the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone. To recap, it appears that the Klingons have begun a new offensive in the neutral zone. GNN will keep you informed of further developments."

*Roll cheezy music*