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Subject:Joint Mission Proposed

GNN CENTRAL - HELLESPORT. It has been four weeks since the appearance of the wormhole in the KE/RSE/UFP Neutral Zone. In a surprising turn of events, a joint statement by the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire has been issued claiming that the initial research into the wormhole has been completed and that all three organizations are preparing a joint mission to send explorers through the anomaly.

"We spent hours debating a solution," UFP Council Member Frankel said, regarding the highly controversial discussions amongst the three organizations over the past several weeks. "None of the organizations wanted to relinquish any control. Finally, the only viable solution that we could come up with was that we all go in together."

A single exploratory vessel has been proposed, and the ship will be staffed by members of the three respective navies, including at least one diplomat from each.

"This is big," Frankel said. "It's our first step towards real peace in our part of the Galaxy. We're really hoping that this mission can bridge the political gap as well as provide new worlds to discover together."

It was determined at the council delegations that the vessel will be a Federation ship and it is scheduled to launch within a month's time.