Subject:The anomaly - Update

GNN Headquarters - One week after the sudden appearance of what is commonly called an "anomaly" in the Neutral Zone between the three major forces of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, GNN has received an official communique signed by Romulan Star Empire, the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Our experts have verified the source as well as the document and confirm that it is indeed genuine.

The communique states that the three forces have agreed to sending a scientific vessel each to the anomaly to study it. No other vessels will be allowed in the vicinity, not even ones of the respective governments or military forces.

This is certainly a surprising development of this situation after the very real threat of the Romulans - we reported - to attack any vessel approaching the anomaly. It is even more surprising that the Klingon Empire has stated an interest in this scientific novelty and is ready to overlook the tensions between them and the Federation. Or maybe it is more surprising that the /Federation/ is ready to overlook the tension.

We'll continue to investigate this subject and keep you up to date on any interesting development.

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