To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Tony
Subject:Breaking News

GNN CENTRAL - HELLESPORT. ***BREAKING NEWS*** Shortly after 13:00 Galactic Universal Time today, a large spacial anomaly has appeared in the middle of the United Federation of Planets/Romulan Star Empire/Klingon Empire neutral zone. While the initial reports have been unconfirmed, the large anomaly has been described as a shimmering spherical object with a pulsating energy field surrounding it.

"We have already dispatched research vessels to study this anomaly," said Greta Falkstein, Public Relations Spokeswoman for Starfleet Science and Research Division. "However, since the anomaly is not within Federation space, getting access to conduct our research will take some time."

Reports from civilian traders on Hellesport have observed that the Klingon Empire has also started moving vessels towards that area of space, however GNN could not reach any official within the Empire for comment on the matter.

The anomaly appeared suddenly about a third of a light year from Hellesport Station. The official press release from Hellesport states that the anomaly does not present a danger to the station or its inhabitants and also asks traders to not be discouraged from normal trade habits.

"We are still unsure what this anomaly is, so calling it harmless is premature at best," said Falkstein. "It could very well be harmless or it could be dangerous. We don't know until our scientists can have a chance to study it."

GNN will be working around the clock to bring you the latest developments on the anomaly. Keep your screens tuned to this station for the latest in breaking news.

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