To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Tony
Subject:Risa Calms

GNN - NUVIA, RISA. After nearly three weeks of continued mental problems and rioting, the population of the planet of Risa is returning to normal.

"It's gotten much better since the rioting stopped," said Dr. Tim Vang, Chief of Mental Health Services for Nuvia General Hospital. "Over the past few days, we've seen a steady decline of patients."

Hospital medial records are indicating that the instances of mental health issues are reaching back down to normal levels. Where just two weeks ago people lined the hospital grounds waiting for treatment, comparatively the building looks like a ghost town.

"We're all still a bit shocked at what happened," noted John Bateman, the Public Relations Officer for the Risan Security Force. "It's almost as if one day these people decided to be 'crazy' and then a week or so later, they decided to stop. We don't even know what caused this."

Many theories have been presented to the source of the mental breakdowns and violence, ranging from a sudden shift in the planet's gravitational alignment with the sun to a change in the weather, bringing about the planet's natural Spring. None of these theories have been given much credence in the scientific community, and the cause of the breakdowns remain a mystery.

"I'm just glad that people are returning to normal," Dr. Vang added. "Whatever the cause, it looks as if it's finally stopped."