Subject:Starfleet Brutality

GNN -- NUVIA, RISA.  Fourteen days into the crisis on Risa now, and the situation here has taken a dark turn.   We have now confirmed that on Stardate 20010331 the massed Starfleet forces currently in orbit around the planet, sent down security detachments (N.B. unconfirmed witness statements claim Starfleet Marines) to assist the struggling police forces here in the capital city.  This attempt to aid the Risians, perhaps not taken seriously by Starfleet, has failed.

From this reporter's current position, I am still able to see great plumes of smoke rising from the Suraya Bay market square area and have observed that Starfleet has withdrawn to merely reinforce the Risian lines -- barely holding back the still ever-increasing numbers of rioters.

But during the aborted attempt to restore order by Starfleet, we have learned that at least one of the well-armed detachments, opened fire on the civilians without either verbal or non-verbal warning.  And nearby hospitals are treating central nervous system damage of dozens of patients resulting from multiple stun attacks in a short period.  

Additionally, there are at least two reported deaths stemming from weapons blasts at short range to the heads of their victims.

Members of the official opposition party here on Risa are demanding that the government withdraw its request of support from the Federation and approach the other major supporter of the Risian economy, the Romulan Star Empire, for assistance.  

However, Starfleet may not be able to withdraw as simply as that.  In this GNN exclusive, we have learned that during the violent efforts of Starfleet at least one of their officers was taken captive by the incensed civilians.  

Risian Police Officers have stated that at least one Starfleet officer was taken into the vengeance-seeking crowd where he or she quickly vanished.

Information requests to Starfleet Command to confirm or deny this have been met with silence.  

GNN, as always, will keep you informed.