To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Tony
Subject:Day Two of the Risa Pandemic

GNN - NUVIA, RISA. Day two of what's being called the new pandemic of Risa has taken a huge toll on the planet's resources. Over ten times the amount of reported mental illness cases since yesterday have overcrowded local hospitals, causing a shortage of physicians on a planetary scale.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Dr. Tim Vang, Chief of Mental Health Services for Nuvia General Hospital. "Patients are literally sleeping on the lawn of the hospital waiting for beds. There isn't even enough room to walk through the lobby, which is crammed full of patients."

The latest government reports show over 5,000 cases of severe mental illness since yesterday, far above any known epidemic in such a short amount of time. Nuvia General Hospital, as well as all emergency services throughout the sector, have been put on alert. Several Federation starships have also been sent to aid in the relief efforts.

"If this continues to get worse," Vang said. "There won't be anywhere for people to go. We've had to cut back and only accept the worst cases as it is. I can't imagine what we'll do if this continues."

Medical biologists are working around the clock, but still no answer as to the cause of the epidemic.