Subject:[Rash'nor: High Council Announcement]

From:     Rash'nor
To:       Rash'nor and Klax'tor
When:     8:24 pm, Wednesday, March 03, 1999
Subject:  High Council Announcement
The screen fades into a deep black, devoid of color.  Suddenly, the shining red emblem of the klingon empire appears, surrounded by klingon script.  The emblem too fades away and is replaced with a view of the klingon high council chambers.
The room is large, and constructed completely out of a harsh, grey metal.  Along the back wall of the room is a replica of the glaring red, emblem of the klingon empire.  
Just below the emblem rests a large metal chair, which sits on a elevated platform, a few steps above the main floor.  
Suddenly, the sound of a large metal door opening can be heard.  Klingons begin filing into the room.  Each one is clad in traditional klingon garb: long, flowing, gray vests brushing along the ground
black, wool undergarments, grey metal armour decked out with a wide assortment of medals.  Each of the members of the Klingon High Council enters into the chamber and ascends the platform, organizing themselves into a semi-circle, facing the camera.  As the procession line ends, all of the members stand, fits at their sides, none taking the center seat.  At the middle of the circle, one of the klingons steps forwards.
He bellows out,"By now, most of the galaxy has heard of the atrocities visited on the klingon people by an unknown attacker.  A single torpedo, fired from the neutral zone the empire shares with the Romulans, was the origin of the attack on one of our outer most outposts.  The casulties of said attack....were almost total.  
He pauses for a small moment, and then continues, "Though emmense resources have been spent, we have not been able to ascertain the exact aggressor, though we have our suspensions.  But the blood of the dead will not allow this issue to rest without a response.  Earlier today, the high council voted to bring safety to the citizens of the empire.  As we speak, battle fleets are organizing inside klingon space.  Their goal, to expand klingon space into the Romulan - Klingon neutral zone so that never again, will our citizens be threatened from some unkown attacker.
A schematic becomes overlaid against the image of the council members.  The schematic shows in detail the lines and claims of controlled space for all of the major empires.  With an indication from the speaking klingon, the lines of klingon space expand slightly into a bulge towards hellesport, cutting the amount of neutral zone between Hellesport and Klingon Space in half.  With another nod to someone not on the screen, the schematic drops away.
The klingon continues," In 4 days (Sunday, 3-7-99, 8 ET), a conference will be held at the Hellesport Station.  The conference will be held to establish future relations between Hellesport and the Klingon Empire.  Any other faction who wishes to attend, can.  But know this, the empire will not be denied its rights.  The moves we take today are to ensure the safety of our people, no matter what.  Any force which chooses to deny us our rights, will be brushed aside by the might of our forces.
With that, the klingons begin filing off the platform and off the screen.  The screen fades to black and the message ends