To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Tony
Subject:BREAKING NEWS--Federation Counsil Votes on Cardassia

GNN -- PARIS, EARTH. ***BREAKING NEWS*** With a sweeping 304 votes, the Federation Counsil overwhelmingly voted to not recognize the Klingon Empire's recent acquisition of Cardassia Prime. The Counsils six-hour debate over the matter is a near record time in coming to a consensus over political border disputes.

Included in the final legislation is a promise of refuge for those who wish to flee Cardassia Prime to the Federation.

"It's absolutely essential that action be taken," said Senator Harah Oden, Federation Counsil representative from Trill. "Cardassians are political prisoners of a repressive regime which needs to be stopped."

While the vote was near-unamaous, not everyone on the Counsil agreed with the decision.

"Cardassians will be better off now," said Tzzt, the sole Counsil Representative from Gorn and one of only 23 dissenters of the final decision. "They will be fed and protected by the Klingon Empire. It is not our business to interfere."

The offer of refuge is in effect as of the final decision, and officials on all Federation member worlds will be on the lookout for Cardassian refugees. Starfleet has also been ordered to patrol the border of Klingon space near Cardassia Prime for those fleeing the planet.

"We must do what we can to aid these people," Oden said. "How can we claim to be a peace-loving society if we allow atrocities on others?"