Subject:Cardassian Recovery Begins

GNN -- LAKAT, Cardassia Prime.

With its official surrender to the Klingon Empire, Cardassia Prime, the former heart of Cardassian Union, begins its slow recovery from economic desolation. Newly reopened trade lanes within the annexed territory allow much-needed provisions to flow to the starving homeworld from outlying colonies and neighboring territories. Many families, barely able to scrape together the necessities for survival, are receiving their first hearty meals in months. In addition, under the authority of Klingon Chancellor loS, additional aid convoys are being dispatched by the Klingon Empire to further ease the suffering of the Cardassian natives.

When asked about the sudden change of heart, the Chancellor had this to say: "I am a man of my word, and I am a fair ruler. The Cardassians have seen the wisdom of Klingon rule, and I have returned their trade to them. And they shall receive all of the benefits of being subject to the Klingon Empire."

As to the fate of the Cardassian government: "The Detapa Council shall remain place as a part of the local governing body, for the Cardassians themselves are best equipped oversee the needs of their population. But the Council shall answer to a planetary governor of my own choosing, with whom the ultimate executive power shall rest."

And the Cardassian military? "Both the Madrasad and the Obsidian Order shall be disbanned. The peace and security of Cardassia Prime is now the purview of the tlhIngan Hubbeq."

So ends a once proud nation. This is GNN.