To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Michael
Subject:Revolt on Torros III

GNN -- TORROS III. Earlier this afternoon, several hundred armed Cardassian civilians approached the Klingon garrison in the capital city of Torros III, demanding to speak with the Klingon governor of the occupied Cardassian world. Assuming the worst, the Klingons manning the garrison assumed a defensive position, refusing to allow any of the Cardassians into the garrison complex. Though the Cardassians and Klingons have not yet engaged in a violent exchange, leaders of the Cardassian group have threatened to open fire on the garrison if the Klingons do not comply with their demands. In response, the Klingons in the garrison have made it clear that they will respond with all necessary force if the Cardassians do not disperse by nightfall.

Though exact figures on Klingon troop deployments are not available, it is estimated that the occupying forces in the capital city number approximately five-hundred. An accurate count of the Cardassian rebels has not been conducted, largely due to the fact that the group seems to be emboldening neighboring Cardassians to join their cause, but the group is estimated to be larger than the number of Klingons in the capital city garrison. The Cardassians have not yet declared the intent behind their request for an audience with the Klingon governor.

Should the situation devolve, the planet could be thrown into mass chaos. Klingon military officials were unwilling to comment on the specifics of the situation, but alluded to the fact that reinforcements would be sent to the planet if deemed necessary. More news as it becomes available.