To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Michael
Subject:Breaking News: Video From Cardassia Prime

[The GNN logo revolves on the screen for a moment before cross-fading to a well dressed anchor at a news desk. Text scrolling across the screen indicates that this story is breaking news about the situation on Cardassia Prime.]

"Good evening," the anchor announces in a deep voice, his expression grave. Whatever story he has to tell, his countenance makes it clear that it won't be cheerful. "We bring you breaking news from the surface of Cardassia Prime this evening. Earlier reports that a garrison in the outskirts of the Rogarin province has defected have been confirmed by the following video, which was transmitted across the planet's surface this evening. "

[The screen crossfades once more, the news anchor replaced by a Cardassian Guln in military uniform, evidently not entirely comfortable with being on camera. He shifts slightly before speaking, as the words "RECORDED EARLIER TODAY" fly by in the ticker at the bottom of the screen.]

"To my fellow Cardassians, both friend and foe, I greet you. By now, you have undoubtedly heard of the garrison of the Fourth Order, in the Rogarin province. I come before you today to confirm the rumors you have heard." The Cardassian Guln pauses here for a moment, allowing this fact to fill the silence. After suitable pause he continues, his gaze turned now to face the camera directly, seeming to pierce directly through the screen as though addressed to each individual viewer.

"The Detapa Council has betrayed the Cardassian people, now committing the same atrocities that they swore to abolish upon their installation as the legitimate government of the Cardassian Union. Hundreds of Cardassians are dying daily, lacking access to simple amenities like food, potable water, and basic medical services. All the while, those in the upper echelons of the civilian government continue to live the same luxurious lives they did before, their daily routine wholly unaffected by the plight of the common Cardassian." The Guln's voice has been slowly building in intensity throughout this speech, reaching a plateau now as he declares, "So it is that my garrison has separated itself from Madrasad Command, to fight in the best interests of the Cardassian people."

"Even now," the officer continues, his intensity building even higher yet, "The Detapa Council will be operating its machine of propaganda, slandering both my men and me. But allow me, fellow Cardassians, to show you the evidence of this corruption. Witness for yourselves the images captured from the remains of a labor camp, where our own people are forced to toil with no reward, feeding the lifestyle of the upper class. Witness, with your own eyes, what happened as a result of Starfleet aid supplies being transported directly to this camp."

[The video crossfades into a sequence of pictures, all highlighting unspeakable destruction. A small labor camp, reminiscent of a hybrid between communities affected by apartheid and a concentration camp, has been utterly destroyed. All that remains are the smoldering ruins of the shacks that were established. Piles of Cardassian bodies litter the poor excuses for streets that connect the housing to large farming areas, undoubtedly in a number reaching into the tens of thousands. The 'community' is fenced in, the compliance of the residents ensured by the guard towers which soar high above ground levels, all with artillery-sized weapons directed at the residences. The final picture of the sequence shows a number of cargo containers, emblazoned with the logo of the United Federation of Planets, in the center of this scene of devastation. This image lingers for what seems like an eternity, before crossfading back to the Guln who was speaking before.]

"Open your eyes, fellow Cardassians," the Guln demands, his eyes burning with zeal. "These images are evidence of the destruction ushered in by the First Order. These Cardassians asked the Starfleet vessel for direct assistance, knowing full well that they would receive none from the government of the Union, and payed the ultimate price for doing so." Once more, he allows suitable pause for this fact to settle in, certainly being quite a lot for his Cardassian audience to digest. "I implore you, join in our cause. Only together can we throw off the oppression of corrupt government, and restore out people to their rightful place. Only together can we -"

[Suddenly, and without explanation, the Guln's image is replaced with the insignia of the Madrasad. A memo briefly runs across the bottom of the screen, stating that interference with planetary communication systems is a crime punishable by death, before clicking to black altogether. After a moment, the picture crossfades back to the news studio, the anchor still seated at the news desk.]

"What this means for the future and stability of the Cardassian government has yet to be determined," the anchor announces, reading directly from the teleprompter behind the camera. "Join us later this evening when we invite political analysts to join us in a panel discussion of this unexpected turn of events, and what it could mean for the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant."

[In a slow crossfade, the news anchor is replaced by the revolving GNN logo before cutting away to commercials.]