To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Michael
Subject:Political Tensions Sweep Cardassia Prime

GNN -- ROGARIN PROVINCE, CARDASSIA PRIME. Political tensions continue to sweep the face of the Cardassian home-world, largely out of the eye of most of the quadrant. Recent upsets, however, have resulted in the situation becoming much more transparent to the galactic powers within communications distance of the planet.

The prospect of civil war is very real, and actively threatening the balance of power on Cardassia Prime. The Detapa Council, once ushered in to foster the rights of all Cardassians, has become as corrupt as the forms of government which preceded it. With ruthless efficiency, the government has been quelling protests by the common Cardassians, sweeping in with the full might of what remains of the Madrasad; until recently, that is.

Though accurate reports are hard to come by, due to the Klingon blockade of the planet, it appears that a Madrasad garrison of the Fourth Order in the outskirts of the Rogarin province has defected from the government's military machine. While GNN has been unable to independently confirm these reports, they are the first publicly accessible communications which have made it off of the planet since the blockade began, lending some credibility to the claims.

Whether this defection is merely an isolated incident, or an indication of trends which are soon to follow, remains to be seen. Regardless of what follows, the defection of the Rogarin garrison indicates that the situation on Cardassia Prime is not as stable as previously believed.