Subject:[Rash'nor: Torpedo Impack]

From:     Rash'nor
To:       Shra'Hawk, Rash'nor and Klax'tor
When:     5:11 pm, Wednesday, February 24, 1999
Subject:  Torpedo Impack
As the camera pans across the horizon, the scene develops into one of massive destruction.  A normally red sky is tinted orange as the backdrop of hundreds of fires.  Klingon officers and medical staff move quickly across ground, moving from installation to installation.  Piles of injured and dead klingons lie along both sides of the main street and klingons move amongst the dead providing what care they can.
The camera pans out and comes to center on a GNN reporter who stands in front of the carnage.  "Greetings Galaxy. I stand before you at the imperial klingon colony Karak'tak near the border of the klingon-romulan neutral zone.  At approximately midnight last night, as most inhabitants slept here at Karak'tak, death struck in the form of a torpedo.  The impact occured a few hundred yards behind me and destroyed all the structures near it instantly.  Reports are still uncertain about the exact number of casulties, but the number is rising as more rubble is cleared.
As of yet there has been no official comment from the Imperial Government as to the source of the torpedo.
It has been confirmed from impact telemetry that the torpedo originated from somewhere inside the neutral zone.
Stay Tuned for further Developments