Subject:Klingon Address to Cardassia

(The great trefoil seal of the Klingon appears on the screen, bright crimson amidst a field of sable. The seal dissolves to a scene set in the vast stone hall of the Klingon High Council, cast in brooding red by firelight. It is focused on a central throne flanked by a pair of long, curving tables, each seat occupied by a Klingon of noble stature. The occupant of the throne, bearing the heavy gilded cloak of the Empire's Chancellor, leans forward to address the viewer.)

"To the leaders of the Cardassian Union, that vaunted Detapa Council who once fought so valiantly to wrest control from a corrupt military regime: Your people are dying."

loS Qang lets the statement hang in the air. He straightens, continuing following the pregnant pause. "There are those that would blame the Klingon Empire for this, but you know as well as we that your history of squandering your resources is to blame. Even before the Breen decimated your ecosphere, your world was stripped to the bone and barely capable of supporting your population. In choosing to fight a battle you could not win, you signed your own death warrants."

The Qang's already scarred face contorts into a mask of distain. "There are those who have questioned my honor, and though the it is not the right of the honorless to question honor, I have decided to offer the Cardassian people an option. You were once a noble people, a race of proud warriors though your honor was questionable. Now you beg for scraps at the foot of the Federation's table. But this I offer to you: Cede your sovereignty to the Klingon Empire, and your suffering will end. Your trade lanes will be reopened, your access to the vital supplies of your outlying colonies will be returned, and your tables will no longer be bare."

The Qang lifts his chin, looking down his nose at the view. "Join under the banner of the Klingon Empire, and you will once more thrive. Choose not to, and you will continue to starve yourselves to death. Perhaps you will be stronger for the struggle... perhaps not. Either way... the choice is yours."

The screen goes black.