To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Michael
Subject:BREAKING NEWS: Aid Convoy Besieged By Klingons

GNN -- DEEP SPACE NINE. In a horrific sequence of destruction, a convoy carrying food and water to the Cardassian homeworld in the Mansor system was besieged by a Klingon task-force only minutes ago. After receiving a transmission from the lead vessel of the Klingon task-force, ordering the convoy to reverse course and leave the occupied Cardassian territory, the freighter captains forged onward towards their destination. Long range sensors detected indications of disruptor fire minutes later, followed by several emergency transmissions from the freighter convoy prior to complete subspace silence.

Preliminary scans of the previous location of the freighter convoy indicate that no vessels survived the attack, sensors displaying a large debris field at the last known coordinates. Though this has yet to be confirmed by visual inspection, it appears that all of the twenty freighters in the convoy have been destroyed with all hands.

"If this is true, if it is confirmed that the Klingon Empire destroyed a convoy carrying aid supplies to a planet that has formally requested aid from the United Federation of Planets, we will have no choice but to consider this as an act of war," said Bassus Seius, Federation Press Secretary, during an impromptu press conference on the matter. "These freighters were on a mission of mercy, and ought to have been protected under interstellar accords."

Added Seius, concluding the interview for the media, "We will be holding a full press conference once we have had more time to review the facts. This act will not be without repercussions."