To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Michael
Subject:Jessica Jameson Declared Federation President

GNN -- FEDERATION HEADQUARTERS, EARTH. After several months of political red tape, the Federation Grand Jury announced today that it has completed its review of the evidence which suggested that voter fraud had tainted the results of the current Federation presidential race.

The results of the presidential election have been hotly contested over the last several months by Perseus Ikas, who lost the popular vote for office by a mere one percent to Jessica Jameson. Though election results with so close a margin are examined by a session of the Federation Council, Ikas demanded that this case be reviewed by the Federation Grand Jury, citing several unusual circumstances of the election.

Though a long list of allegations was presented to the Federation Council by the presidential campaign office of Perseus Ikas, the charge that caught the eye of the Federation Grand Jury claimed that a number of voters on Ikas's home planet of Alpha Centauri VII had been left disenfranchised by the anti-Centaurian sentiment that briefly swept the Alpha Quadrant.

"Voters were turned away from some polling stations in the Delthara district, citing 'security concerns' as some sort of justification," said Ikas campaign chairwoman Rachel Rutilius, before the Federation Council. "It was apparent that several voting stations were administrated by officials who had an agenda of their own."

After extensive deliberation and examination of voter records, the Grand Jury upheld the results of the presidential race, declaring Jessica Jameson the official President-elect.

"After reviewing the voter turnouts in the polling stations cited by the Ikas campaign, we ascertained that more than eighty percent of registered voters in the Delthara district submitted their ballots," Chief Justice Delyon Anarak announced at a press conference. "Moreover, after viewing the footage at the entrances to the polling stations, we could find no evidence of any voter disenfranchisement."

The ruling has brought about the end of the most contested presidential race in recent years, and is a great relief for Jessica Jameson. "It's good to put this to rest," Jameson declared in a subspace interview with GNN. "To know we can move forward, confident in the strength of our democratic government. Now my campaign team and I are busy making plans for my first few weeks in office. We're very serious about addressing some important issues, head on, early in the term."