From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Beta Veldonna Destroyed - Betazed Under Evacuation

Starfleet has reported that just a short time ago, Beta Veldonna, the home system of the telepathic Betazoids, was attacked by an OOR fleet of previously unencountered propotions. Starfleet losses were reported to be heavy, but the heaviest loss was that of the star itself.

Starfleet sources report that without the heat of its sun, the surface of Betazed will be unviable for life within 24 hours, as the temperatures drop well below freezing. All Betazed citizens are instructed to seek shelter and heat and remain inside until help can reach them. Experts estimate the general population may survive in this manner for up to several weeks as long as fuel and food supplies remain constant.

Fleet Admiral Andrew Brinks is requesting that all available vessels, military and civilian, make their maximum speed to Betazed to assist in tbe evacuation efforts. The President of the United Federation of Planets also sends out a plea to the Federation's neighbors, seeking their aid in this time of crisis.

"It is not just the Betazoids... it is not just Betazed. It is not just the United Federation of Planets... this... disaster, could happen to any species in this galaxy. We should recognize this, and unite in this common cause, as though each and every one of us might be next..."