Subject:[Hajhasan: Several minutes later....]

From:     Hajhasan
To:       Shan
When:     8:54 pm, Tuesday, December 15, 1998
Subject:  Several minutes later....
Tren: Uh, this is GNN, we now have leaks from anonymous sources inside the administration stating that President Levt'r has not been materialized from its transport buffer, and that medics are working around the clock to devise a way to rematerialize him alive.
[Tren is handed a sheet of paper from offscreen]
Tren: Oh, Great Maker, I am reading here, a statement just handed to me by my producer.  It states: At 1743 San Francisco local time, the family of President Levt'r, in conjunction with the best medical staff in the Federation, came to the painful decision to materialize the President from its pattern buffer, knowing that its injuries, sustained in an assassination attempt in Caracas earlier in the day, would cause its death in short order.  All the members of his immediate family were present, and prepared.  The President was able to exchange final words with them for a period of almost fifteen seconds before succumbing to its injuries.  The murderers are being sought.  The family requests that you respect it/their privacy.'  Um, the statement ends there.  This is GNN.